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News: Massive crash at Pikes Peak August 13th, 2012

I had a good friend running down at Pikes Peak this weekend. He’s the real deal ex-Indy Car driver who thought it would be fun to do. He built a tubular space frame mid-engine with and LS6, Porsche Turbo gearbox and Corvette brakes. You can see a picture of him running here:

I went testing with him right before he left and it was a lot of fun. I was planning on going to the race but it was postponed due to the fires and the new date conflicted with my family reunion so I missed it. So while searching for video of him racing I came across this. This is NOT my buddy Jeff but wow, I had to share it. This will give you full appreciation for the value of a roll cage! Notice how far they flew before they even hit the ground. The driver and co-driver are OK but I bet they’re sore.

And my buddy Jeff, he ran Pikes Peak Open with a time of 11:55.221 and average speed 60.401MPH. Go Jeff!