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News: Junk Mail Filter August 18th, 2009

I’m sure we all have this problem but I get about 400 junk email a day. I don’t know why so many but I guess it’s because I’ve used the same address for the last 15 years and it’s just made it’s way on to a lot of lists. As a consequence I have my filter set pretty aggressively. I try to check the junk folder frequently enough that if a legitimate email makes it’s way in I’ll be able to spot it. Needless to say I miss some every now and then. I just thought I’d bring this up so that if any of you have ever emailed me and not received a reply it could be I never got your email.

I take accessibility and responsiveness very seriously. I would hate to think anyone out there made and effort to contact me and never hear back. If you’ve emailed me and not received a reply within 1 business day (at the very longest) please give me the benefit of the doubt and either try again or call. And on that subject let me make one more request.

I like the phone, I like it a lot more than email. Please don’t feel unwelcome to call. If you are in the market for a frame and have questions, please call.  We can cover a lot more ground for a given amount of time on the phone vs. email. The phone also allows me to ask questions which can help me provide better answers.


Here is Kevin’s XCr frame just about done. I’ll be sending it off to paint tomorrow.