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News: Jackson Hole November 12th, 2009

I got a package the other day from a  guy we know in Jackson Hole, WY. Jackson is kind of a sister or kindred town. It’s pretty close, just below Yellowstone Park which sits about 90 miles south of us. Bozeman is a ski town but Jackson is a ski town plus one, so lots of locals go down there quite frequently to ski. It’s also under the Teton range, which, if you haven’t seen them they will take your breath away. They come straight up out of the river valley and are very tall, sharp and steep.

At any rate Drew sent a Wilton Vise Care Package of sorts along with a tee shirt. Thanks Drew! Drew is a machinist and apparently he had to tune up some vises of his own so he made the parts he needed and also sent us two pair of AL jaws along with a custom lead-screw plate that will tighten up the action of the vise. I just thought I ‘d take this chance to thank Drew and show all of you the cool parts and Tee he sent. Also if you ever have a chance to go to Jackson Hole, take  it.

ps. Speaking of skiing, we got about 7 or 8 inches of snow in the valley last night and it’s still falling. Thought I’d add a picture of that too.