Custom Bicycles
News: Indian Summer September 27th, 2011

Man has the weather been good around here lately. This weekend it was in the upper 80’s. Not ideal for cross racing but great for BBQ’s. It’s suppose to be in the mid 70’s for the next week or so with little to no precipitation. Being a Bozeman person I know that can’t go on for much longer. We usually get our first “real” snow by October. When I say “real” I mean get out the shovel and get to work snow. So right now Loretta and I are riding all we can because once Winter hits we’ll spend most of our time riding on trainers. ┬áThe upside to Winter is that I get a lot of work done on, in and around my business. I’ll be adding to my website, making some tools and developing processes. The long dark days make it a lot easier to focus on inside activities.

Below is a gallery of Kale’s build. It’s a Custom Blend steel road frame.