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News: If I only new then… September 15th, 2010

Here are a couple of funny old videos I dug up on VHS and finally got converted to a format I could post. I thought it might be fun to show how things have changed here at Strong Frames Inc. over the years.

The first video is a local news segment done around 1994. I was in my “Hayes” shop. I worked full time and built nights and weekends. I was still mitering the frames by hand. At the time of this video I’d guess I’d built around 25 frames so I was just getting started and had a lot to learn. Sorry for the poor video quality, it was taken off an old tape that had been sitting in a drawer since the day I taped it.

This second video was done around 1998 by some U of M students for a PBS show that features local businesses. For those who don’t know, the guy with the beard is Tony Smith who was my business partner for around 6 years. He was a very large part of  Strong Frames Inc. and to this day his legacy lives on here in the form tooling and processes. I think the funny thing about this video is hearing what our goals were at the time. I obviously hadn’t taken my “Business of Framebuilding” seminar yet because I was getting ready to make every mistake in the book. Oh well, I guess that’s how you learn. I’m sure I’ll look back on the things I say and do now with the same horrified response that I do when I watch these old videos. When this video was done I was mitering all the front triangles on a Enco bench top mill/drill and mitering the rear triangles with files. At this point I probably had about 300 to 350 frames under my belt so I was starting to figure it out but still had a long way to go.