Custom Bicycles
News: Goings on at Strong Frames March 6th, 2012

Just thought I’d give everyone a quick rundown on what going on around here. As many know, we’ll be moving shortly (  So our schedule is to move from our current location by April 30th. Our new shop will be under construction for a couple months following our move. We will continue to operate our business remotely but will not be building during the construction period. All frames due by or before the end of May will be built and either shipped to the owner, at paint or ready for assembly prior to our move out the end of April. We will continue to do any remaining assembly and shipping activities after our move out. All frames due August or later will be built in our new shop. So if you were promised your bike this Spring, don’t worry it will be delivered on time.

Below are pictures of Sharon’s Personal Blend steel that has Di2 internal wiring and is set up for long reach brakes. Also is Brandon’s Custom Blend steel 29er singlespeed. The white bike is Don’s from Hamilton MT and the Black bike is Peter’s carbon which will be shipping to Australia. I’m currently working on Dan’s Custom Blend titanium Di2 road bike and up next are Dave D., Garrett G., Peter G., John G. and Richard M. The final bikes that will be built prior to our move are Jonathan B., Ben L., Vlad L., Tres S. and Vince M.