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News: Full House June 16th, 2009

Last week I had four house guests. BJ my customer from Kodiak AK,  my buddy Tim P  who came to town from the Phoenix area to pick up a 29er MTB, my cousin and brother-in-law. In Montana people are fond of saying ” there are two seasons, winter and house guest season”.

The Winter and the snow here are great if you like that sort of thing but the Summers here are outstanding and it seems that everyone finds a way to come and stay for a couple days here and there. Last year Loretta and I literally had a guests in our house everyday with the exception of one week from June 14th through Sept 9th.  This year we’re being a little less welcoming and trying to keep some of the Summer season for ourselves.

So I don’t know whey I bring it up expect maybe to explain I got nothing done at work last week because I was entertaining constantly. This week I’m back at it and glad to be building again. I’m finishing up Richard H’s touring MTB. It’s built around a Rohloff as well as fenders so I’m mounting the brake caliper on top of the chainstays and I’m also incorporating a torque lever stop in the arrangement.

Next on the board is Matt S a forest fire fighter currently in Bend OR. He’s getting a Ti road frame.