Custom Bicycles
News: June 2nd, 2009

I’d like to tell everyone that hasn’t seen it about a great new bike site called It’s a beautiful new product that some enthusiast/designers here in Bozeman are putting out. The quality is definitely top notch and the content is great. Hopefully those that visit the site will find it a valuable resource and will continue to visit. To top it all off they have written a short article on Strong Frames and The Framebuilders Collective. Go check it out!

Filming of my webisodes is going well. We’ve gone over schedule and filmed all day yesterday and will film a bit more today. Then Aaron will start editing. Hopefully we’ll have a finished product soon.

Also in the shop right now, I’m finishing up Sam M’s SS 29 and Earl P’s beautiful brown, cream and orange road frame is back and ready to ship.