Custom Bicycles
News: For the non-Facebook users June 22nd, 2012

Sorry to all you non-Facebook users, and I know there are a lot. My link for the jersey page accidently went to Facebook and then back to the blog. It should have gone straight to the blog page.

Here is a link to the jersey page and instruction on how to order.

Hopefully we can make our 15 minimum in each category (short sleeve, long sleeve and bottoms). The way I set this up is that the orders go straight to Voler. I don’t make a penny on the sales, I just facilitate them. I’m hoping that¬†participation¬†from all of you will allow us to make the minimums and we can all get a kit without a large outlay of money and a need to stock a bunch of inventory. Also, remember there is a July 9th deadline so if you plan to purchase anything be sure to do so before then.