Custom Bicycles
News: Final NAHBS Push February 8th, 2011

The last couple weeks have been pretty major. Loretta and I have been working seven day weeks getting ready for NAHBS. We’ve had to build the frames, assemble¬† them into bikes and also build a new display for the show and a crate to ship it all. This will be the first year that we actually have a complete exhibit. In years past we had custom bike displays and other features but never committed to an actual background or any specific signage. This year we’ve built a display that we are really proud of and can add to over the years. It’s a very simple display but I think it will be effective. It’s all about the bikes, no clutter or distractions. Hopefully a lot of you will be in Austin to see it, our bikes and us. For those who don’t make it, we’ll have plenty of images right here after the show and maybe during if I can find the time to post them.

While we’ve been preparing for the show we’ve also needed to run the business as usual. That means we put in our 40 hours like we always do and then added the rest of our tasks above that which has meant some long days. Thursday of this week is our NAHBS D-day because that is the day the truck will come and pick up our crate. The crate needs to leave Thursday in order to get to the warehouse in Austin by the decorators deadline. We’re about 95% of the way there so we’ll be glad to see that truck drive off. Once we have the crate loaded the stress will be over and we can relax and wait for the show. That’s when I’ll get really excited.