Custom Bicycles
News: Erik’s going away October 8th, 2010

Well, Erik’s gone and last Friday we had a little going away BBQ for him. It just so happened that Anthony Maietta was also in town and of course my good friend Dave Kirk stopped by along with a lot of other friends that don’t build frames. It was a good thing other people were there or this thing could have turned into the biggest Geek Fest you could imagine. Fortunately most of the others know little to nothing about frame building so that buffered us from talking Framebuilding all night. We all had a great time, Anthony and me spent the next day in the shop working on Framebuilding process’s which was sort of a mini Geek Fest. It was great to have Anthony out and show him my little town I’m so proud of. Hopefully I’ll get out to his neck of the woods some day and visit his place along with all the other builders out there.

Below is a picture of Anthony, me, Dave and Erik (L to R). I had better shots but I chose this one because Dave looks like he got busted eating candy.