Custom Bicycles
News: Deliverables September 29th, 2011

Waiting for months and months for your new frame can be painful. You make the leap, pay a big bunch of money for a deposit and then just sit there and wait….and wait…. and wait. While I can’t do anything to speed up the process I do everything I can to make it as fun, interesting and painless as possible. One of the ways I do that is through a series of benchmark deliverables. The first thing I do is when you place your order we start the design immediately. That keeps us engaged and you don’t disappear off my radar forcing me to relearn who you are and what you want months down the road when your turn rolls around. The other thing I do is give you two, what I’ll call deliverables that help break the process up and keep it exciting. The first is your blueprint. Once we have the design developed I start producing blueprints. This is fun because it lets you see what your  bike will look like and things start to come to life. The blueprint usually comes about a month of so after you place your order. The second is pictures of your build. I shoot images of every customer build and put them on  my blog. So now we’re about three months into the wait and you can actually see your frame and what it looks like before paint.  Then of course about a month after that we deliver the bike. So all in all we break the wait up into trimesters and hopefully that makes the whole wait a lot easier.

Below is David’s Custom Blend steel geared 29er. This frame will be getting a painted and then it ‘s off to Madrid Spain.