Custom Bicycles
News: Current work September 24th, 2009

Tomorrow I’ll be out of the shop.  I’m going to shoot over to Seattle for a couple days for my parents 50th wedding anniversary. Anyone that is currently working with me (except Kurt whom I’ll contact this morning) on their frame design will be hearing from me next Friday instead. I’ll be back in the shop first thing on Monday morning.

So, this week has been busy week. I’ve been tying up loose ends on five frame/bikes that are shipping this week. Andreas went out yesterday along with the Ti cross frame from the Pro Shop, which got a new home in Hood River OR. Also Patty K. picked up her pink dirt road bike. I’ll be boxing up Joe’s beautiful white Extralite steel frame that we just put on our road gallery and Tom P’s titanium 29er gets a final finish and goes out today as well.

For those interested in a good deal on a cross frame, keep your eyes open next week. I’ll be posting a new sale frame on the Pro Shop. It’s a 57cm Custom Blend steel cross frame. It’s got a very cool paint job too. I built it when working with John Caletti a couple weeks ago to demonstrate certain process’s. I’ll post specs and pics as soon as it’s back from Spectrum.

Next week I’ll be finishing a titanium frame for Holly and starting a double butted titanium frame for Ned H. Things are moving along very smoothly. I like that.