Custom Bicycles
News: Current work and NAHBS bikes January 25th, 2011

Last week I finished up Fred’s Personal Blend steel frame and fork (in gallery below) it came out great. It’s been sent to Spectrum for powder coating.  I’m currently working on Carl H’s titanium cross/road frame and will have that done by the end of the week. Next up is Brian L. followed by Greg S., Kentz W. and Bryan E, three titanium and a steel.

Loretta and I are also finishing up our show bikes and getting our booth ready for Austin. Lot’s of builders use customer bikes to show at NAHBS but we prefer to use our own so that we have complete control over exactly what we show. As a result we will be selling our three show bikes in order to recoup the investment. There is a steel road frame built with Columbus Spirit tubing and a custom Sram Force kit, a titanium cyclocross frame built with Sram Red and a carbon fiber road bike built with Campy Record. I will be posting the bikes along with a parts spec for sale soon.