Custom Bicycles
News: Comments February 5th, 2009

Like I said the other day I’m new to this so it’s not surprising that I didn’t even know there were comments I needed to approve and respond to, Sorry. My “webguy” Todd pointed them out to me this morning. I’ll check them regularly now that I know about them. If you do comment I’ll try to respond within one business day.

Here is what’s in the shop today:

I finished Oumar’s frameĀ and it ships to paint.

I’m also am finishing up Ryan D from VA’s frame today and it goes off to paint as well. Ryan’s frame is a super light 29er SS with sliders, built around a Reba. As it sits it’s just over 3.5 pounds. NotĀ  bad for a steel 29er.

I also just received a tracking number from Spectrum telling me that Mickey’s frame is on the way back to me. I’ll post pictures just as soon as it’s here. It’s a 650b rear and 29er front. Should be very cool.