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News: Columbus XCr July 1st, 2009

Thanks everyone for your kind words and good advice about my back. Luckily this time it seems to be improving quickly and I hope to be riding by the weekend. Sometimes it can take months before I feel good again but this time it appears it will be a lot less.

I’m starting a Columbus XCr frame today for Andreas M of San Francisco. I’ve built with both the Reynolds 953 and XCr over the past couple of years since both tubesets reached the market. I prefer the XCr for a couple of reasons,  I can get it when I need it and the tubeset, although limited to a single specification makes a lighter frame than 953 of the same basic spec’s. One big advantage to the 953 is that it is a range of tubes so you can select the tube specs you need to tune the frame to the rider. In cases when the XCr spec’s do not meet the needs of the rider I do use 953.

I’ll be spending the rest of the week building this frame so there will be more pictures added tomorrow and Friday of it’s progress.