Custom Bicycles
News: Catching up March 9th, 2010

I think I may have been a little too optimistic about what I would get done in the weeks following the show. Tim, Andy and Ed, I am moving along but about a week back. So Tim, your frame is done, Andy’s frame will be done tomorrow and I’ll start Ed’s frame Thursday.  Marco, I should be on to your frame next week rather than this week and by that time Jeremy’s material will be in house and I’ll start yours and should be back on  schedule. I don’t ever rush work so it gets done when it gets done but  I try not to goof around either. I’ve also been receiving material that’s returning from the show and have to get one bike assembled and shipped and another shipped. So needless to say there aren’t enough hours in the day but I think a nice long weekend in the shop will get me back on top of the game and I can get back to my regular schedule.

One thing about this job is that if you get busy you can’t just hurry and get more done. The product is based on a quality standard that cannot be rushed. So if I get behind I either work more hours or stay behind. Fortunately, other than NAHBS I  don’t have a lot of interruption in my routine so this doesn’t happen often.

Below are images of Andy’s titanium belt drive single speed 29er. The weld shop is dropping off a new cylinder of argon at 7:00 and I’ll spend the rest of the day welding it together. Wait until you see this thing complete, it’s got a build kit that includes custom belt gears and Edge Carbon wheels built on to custom hubs. The owners son is a wheel builder and has a business called, he went all out on the wheels and parts and they are going to make an incredible bike of this frame.