Custom Bicycles
News: Carbon Fiber July 5th, 2011

I’m working on a couple carbon fiber frames this week. Unlike metal bikes which I do one at a time, when I build with carbon fiber I build a couple concurrently. The reason is so I don’t have down time during cure cycles. This week I am going to be finishing up Anna and Bill’s road bikes. Anna’s frame has a Press Fit 30 BB, InSet headtube, individual seatstays and a unidirectional¬† outer that will be¬† clear coated. Bill’s frame also has a Press Fit 30 BB and InSet, along with a integrated seatpost and Wishbone stays. On Bill’s bike we’re featuring a twill fabric outer and it will be clear coated as well.

I’ll be posting a lot more pictures in the days to come but here is Bill tubeset prior to tacking. His seatube is so long I had to make part for my fixture to accomodate it. Check back tomorrow for more.