Custom Bicycles
News: Butted Titanium October 22nd, 2009

For those of you who don’t know what a butted tube is, it’s a tube that is thicker at each end then in the middle section. You can look at it as thinner in the middle or thicker at each end but the idea is that it allows for a lighter tube while still offering the builder enough material at each end for joining. The pro’s to butted tubing are lighter weight. The con’s to butted tubing are less dent resistance. I offer titanium in straight gauge and butted. I recommend straight gauge to nearly everyone but there are some customers that will want the added lightness of the butted titanium and are prepared to sacrifice a little durability. Butted titanium frames are on average about 0.3 pounds lighter than straight gauge and they cost $400 more. As a frame gets larger the weight savings increases. There is little to no perceptible ride difference between butted and straight gauge tubes. Below is a very nice butted titanium frame we just finished up for Ned. As I recall the frame weight was about 2.6 pounds for a pretty large frame of medium stiffness.