Custom Bicycles
News: Business Hours August 20th, 2009

Most of my customer know this by now but if you have tried to reach me in the afternoon you’ve probably found I not in the shop. My hours are from 6am to 1pm, although from time to time I do stay later. The reason I keep these hours are because I have fewer interruptions in the mornings before 9:00. I also don’t have to take a lunch break, I just eat when I get home. For both those reasons I can get more done in seven hours of work than I would working eight or more hours with the interruptions of people, phone and lunch. If you need to talk and my hours make it difficult to find the time, please let me know. I’m always happy to schedule phone calls to help accommodate your schedule.

Here are some shots of my current work. It’s for Mark E. out of Georgia. It’s a Custom Blend Steel frame and fork. It will be gettingĀ  Keith Anderson liquid paint job. It’s a very classic and clean design using all of the modern steel technology. It’s going to be a really nice bike.