Custom Bicycles
News: Broken Welder February 1st, 2011

Not that there is ever a good time but last week my welder broke. Right in the middle of what is a pretty stressful couple of weeks trying to both build the frames in my schedule during the work days and get ready for NAHBS in the other hours. Fortunately I was able to get a new part in by Friday and  my machine is up and running again. I used the downtime to work on my booth and am now back to Framebuilding but I got myself about a week behind. By this week I should be building Greg S. and Kentz W. but with the lost time I’m just finishing up Carl H. and will be starting Brian L. later today. Next week will be Greg and Kentz. Below is Carl’s frame. It’s a titanium Cross/Road “Personal Blendish” frame with a custom steel fork. We’re putting on custom red and white decals and the fork will be painted red. It’s really going to look cool.