Custom Bicycles
News: Braze-on’s and Bridges March 25th, 2009

Here is Billy’s frame. It’s just about done. Today I’ll put on the seatstay and chainstay bridges, final align add hydro cable guides and chin gusset. Then it’s ready to machine and finish. Machining includes facing and reaming the headtube, facing and chasing the bottom bracket and slotting, reaming and honing the seatube. I’ll also align the dropouts and hanger. And although I’ve done it several times throughout the building process I’ll trial fit all parts that could potentially have interferenace issues one last time. After that it’s finishing. In this case we’re doing a “brushed” finish which is basically a random Scotch-Brite treatment followed by decal application and a final wax to protect the finish from greasy fingerprints and stains.