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News: Bonneville Salt Flats August 11th, 2009

My main riding buddy Pete Hendrickson and old Business partner Tony Smith along with a bunch of other guys are down at the Salt Flats right now racing. Pete has a old Dodge that he built from scratch a couple years ago. Tony designed and built the engine. They raced it for the first time last year and almost got a record. This year news is  they got three records so far and are going for two more! They have been working very hard towards this goal and it’s really exciting to see them succeed after such a short time. There is a lot of talent in their group so it doesn’t surprise me a bit. so far they have set:

Day One- RECORD V4F/Street Roadster 114+ mph

Day Two- RECORD V4F/Gas Roadster 116+ mph

Day three- RECORD V4F/Fuel Roadster 118+ mph

The plan is now to attempt five separate records.

Next up- V4F/Gas Modified Roadster & V4F/Fuel Modified Roadster

When you look at the speeds keep in mind that this is a  1928 car with an engine that was designed to produce about 40hp, now it produces about 120 hp.

As far as I know Pete has driven for two of the records and Tony for one. Below are a couple pictures and a video. Congratulations guys!!

[youtube Z3UwB03jcIs]