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News: Bloggity Blog Blog February 3rd, 2009


So some of you may have noticed I’m sort of easing into a blog here. Be patient with me. I’m working towards more thoughts but I have a feeling that, at least in the beginning you’ll be seeing more of my day to day activities and frames than hearing my thoughts. I  hope to give some insight to what I build and how. I’ll also be including any items of interest as they come along. I’ll cover rides and trips, I’ll try to post pictures from the NAHBS show while I’m there. I’ll also feature any new parts and other new products that I think you’ll find interesting. I will also break-down and explain various operations that I do as well. If there are other things that you think would be interesting let me know and I may be able to include them as well. Thanks for visiting.

Oumar D. from TX

Here is what I’m working on today. It’s a larger frame for a larger rider. Lot’s of builders fail to make larger frames look  good. It requires a delicate balance of frame shape (which is highly influenced by the HT length) and the combination of stem angle, spacers and HT extension. In these shots the frame looks  larger than it actually will once assembled. the key to balance is understanding what the frame will look like once the parts are hung on it. When I  design frames I use BikeCad which produces a design that includes all the parts so that my customer and I can both see what it will look like when it’s assembled. This allows us the control over the balance between all the elements that will produce the fit required and the look we want.