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News: Billing Gazette and TIG Closeups April 5th, 2010

The Billings Gazette did a really nice article on Strong Frames yesterday. It can be seen here. It is a very accurate and well written article.

Also below is a gallery with Randy’s road frame and fork. As you can see it’s quite large. It is also built around long reach caliper brakes, 32mm tire clearance and has rack and fender mounts as well as lowrider mounts on the fork. I also spent a little extra time taking pictures of the welding on this frame because there seems to be a lot of interest and talk about welding and welding techniques out there these days.

For those that are interested, when welding steel I use a pulser, I may or may not when welding titanium and I never do when welding aluminum. For the welders and Framebuilders out there the welds pictured here were done with a very “slow hard” pulser setting of 2.5 per second with 10 background, 15 on and 100%.  I also run my machine at 100% because I like the headroom and prefer to use my foot for control over my panel.