Custom Bicycles
News: Bending February 12th, 2009

So right now I’m working on a Ti Cross frame for Tom P in PA. I’ll be taking this frame to the show to exhibit in my booth. So far I’ve welded on the dropouts, Bottom bracket and seattube collar. I’ve also turned the headtube and bent and mitered the seatstays.

I turn all my titanium and aluminum  headtubes off axis. This allows me to leave material on the back of the headtube where the toptube and downtubes will be welded on. I also leave bands on the top and the bottom for headset reinforcement. I leave a larger band on the bottom of the headtubes because more forces are applied to the bottom of the  headtube then the top. I don’t  turn steel headtubes because they are so thin that it doesn’t really make much of a difference and you can’t really see the work. In some case on steel headtubes I’ll make and braze-on headtube rings.

On this frame I’ve bent the  seatstays, I call them “swoop” stays. They are more for looks than anything but I suppose you could argue they add compliance. These are tough to do. You have to get the bends perfectly matched, you also have to make sure they are exactly the same distance off the center line and then on top of all that you have to get the miter’s right. They don’t really fit in my mitering fixture so I have a lot of extra effort to get them mitered. Also because of the steep angle between the stays and the seattube welding is a lot more difficult because access and visibility are limited. Check back tomorrow for progress, I hope to have the front triangle welded and aligned and depending on progress may also have the rear welded up.