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News: Bear! It must be Fall September 7th, 2010

So I walk out my door this morning to come to work and there is a 400 pound black bear standing right in front of me. In Montana you see bear all the time but not often do you see them this big and rarely in the middle of town. Bozeman is a small town but it’s still miles to the forest edge. He/she must have come down the creek bed to fatten up for the winter on all the garbage down the allies and fruit and berries that are in peoples yards. I’ve been seeing sign in the yard and there was a bear treed in the neighbors yard the other day so I knew they were around but this guy was right in my face. The scariest things was that the bear froze and my dog started to approach it. I called the dog back and thankfully he responded. When I yelled for my dog the the bear took off.  Had it been my other dog who never listens and is very aggressive when it comes to her yard it may have been another story. As it is the bear left and I’m sure when I get home all my neighbors will have seen it too. It stayed down just a little too long and once the people are up and moving it’s probably pretty hard to get back to the bush. We get this every Fall when the bear start to fatten up for the Winter hibernation but this was my closest encounter yet.

On another Note, I finished Arch’s bike this weekend putting in a little OT. It’s a really cool carbon fiber road bike. It’ll go off to paint today and I’ll post images of the final product once it’s back.