Custom Bicycles
News: Bad day for tubes March 16th, 2010

Things are gong well in the shop and yesterday the phone didn’t ring much so I got a lot done. Currently I’m working on Ed’s adventure/cross frame which should ship on Thursday but when I QC’d the seat tube I found a couple small flaws I wasn’t comfortable with and didn’t have a replacement in stock. I’ve ordered a replacement and will be back on track with him tomorrow. In the mean time I thought I’d get on to Marco but his toptube was knocked off the workbench and dented so I had to order a replacement for it too. That one hurt because it’s Columbus Spirit and I had to beg my supplier to sell me one out of a set. Fotunately they did. Jeremy is up next but I still haven’t received his fork blades. For road bike forks I like to use a super nice Columbus Nivacrom uni-crown blade that I get from the UK and hopefully they will be here this week. That leaves me buildingĀ  Matt E. from Boise. Matt’s getting a Custom Blend steel and I’ll build it while I wait for tubes and try to get back in sync once the tubes arrive.

Below is Ed’s frame on the fixture waiting for a new seat tube. The seat tube shown is a dummy I used to fit the other tubes. The other images are Matt’s frame of which I’ll post more tomorrow. By then it should look like a bike. Sometimes things just happened and you have to roll with it and keep things going. Fortunately I have designs complete and tubes stocked far enough out that I wasn’t caught with nothing to do although it is going to be super nice out today and a long road ride would have been nice:)