Custom Bicycles
News: “Back From Paint” Page January 14th, 2011

Many of you are probably aware of our web page “Back From Paint” (BFP). Typically the frames that we add to our website are only those that are complete builds that have unique features. We add them to the galleries in each of the frame type sections and rotate them as they come through the shop. If we have bikes in the galleries that really get a lot of attention we’ll leave them longer than others. We felt that a lot of great frames and paint jobs were going out the door and never being featured on our site because of this. So Loretta created the “BFP” page in order to share some of the really cool stuff people were getting. The page has worked out nicely but it’s not quite as dynamic as we expected. Turns out almost everything we build these days is going out as a complete bike so there is very little to add to BFP.  So the page is slower than expected but still a lot of fun. We’ll keep posting new and fun paint jobs and frame designs as they come through.