Custom Bicycles
News: Back from paint May 22nd, 2009

So I’m finishing up Scott H’s frame. It’s pictured below ready for braze-on’s. I also received four frames back from Spectrum, all of which will be full assemblies.  I’ll be posting better picture of them in days to come. Ironically two of the frames have a similar paint scheme that was inspired by a bike the customers saw on the Spectrum website. Paint is usually the hardest decision a customer makes during their purchasing process. There are endless choices and colors and it can often be difficult to relay ideas and colors over the phone.

Strong Frames are priced with your choice of 12 stock colors, decals and clear topcoat. About half my customers will choose to upgrade. It may be a custom color, custom decal, addition of nick-name or it may be complex graphics, it’s up to their imagination and budget. Typically I recommend you go to the Spectrum gallery and check out  some of the things others have done to get ideas You can also find a paint work order on the Spectrum site which you can download and fill out and return to me. We find it works best if you find the color or colors you want and relay that info to me by either telling my the RAL # from the chart on the Spectrum site or emailing me a picture of a bike that you like from the Spectrum gallery. Keep in mind that there will be some variation due to monitors and other factors so if you are very particular about an exact color call me to discuss so we can  make sure we get it right. Once the color/colors are selected it time to  talk graphics.

With the graphics you can either send a picture with a design you like or you can sketch it in on the work order paint template. If you have a rough idea but want the artistic input of Spectrum’s painters you can let us know and they will use their years of experience and talent to interpret your idea and complete the development. Also , while I prefer you work with me when possible on more complex jobs I’ll have you work directly with Spectrum in order to eliminate any errors that could occur in translation.

The last item is decals. I use default decal set unless otherwise instructed. If you  want custom decal colors or some additional decals I can certainly accommodate those ideas. Spectrum has very sophisticated capabilities when it comes to decals and graphics and can do absolutely anything you can think of. We have customers put business logos and art pieces on their frames as well as just about anything else you can think of. If you want a custom graphic added just email the graphic to me along with placement instructions and I’ll pass it on to Spectrum along with your frame and work order.