Custom Bicycles
News: Approved! May 22nd, 2012

The Bozeman City Commission along with the Mayor voted unanimously in favor of our project. This was a very tricky application and we owe our success to Elaine Hawk of pLAND our land use/planning consultant. It was obvious from the comments made by the commission that her focus on communicating with the neighbors prior to and during the process was a key to our approval. We are also very lucky to have a commission and Mayor that are very thoughtful and fair. One of may main concerns was that  there would be a misunderstanding about what the nature of custom bike frame making as compared to more commonly understood manufacturing. There was some concern with the neighbors that we would be creating noise, dust, vibration, etc. As part of the process we did everything we could to communicate the the unique nature and low impact of producing frames by hand in small numbers. Fortunately they had a clear understanding of what we did, and how we operate. So now that’s in the books, and it’s a very big deal. We are getting very close to finally breaking ground. Once we start construction I’ll be documenting the whole thing right here.