Custom Bicycles
News: All Better April 6th, 2009

For the most part I’m pretty much over the cold thing I had last week. Sorry to those of  you who I couldn’t work with while I was down. I’ll be available this week so call when you can. I did get some work done while  I was sick but I had to keep it simple. This week I’ll continue on and will be finishing three MTB’s.

Usually I build a single frame at a time from start to finish but in this case these three frames are for friends that all need them for a trip coming up soon. Since I was sick and couldn’t really see well enough to weld,  I broke my rule and mitered and tacked all three “production” style. Anyone who knows me knows I’m completely against building  batch or batch style because there is very little time savings and it creates a lot of opportunity for error as well as taking the focus off of the individual customer. In this case I made an exception but I rarely do. Frankly, too many custom builders think batch building is the way to go and you see partially built frames hanging all over their shop. In  my opinion a shop with partially built frames hanging in it is a poorly managed shop. With the rare exception (like this one now) a one person custom shop should only have one partially built frame at any one time and that  is the frame that is currently being built.

So, now that I’m better and I can continue opperation as I normally do I’ll get these three frames completed sequntially and out to paint. Then back to my one at a time, from start to finish and off to Cyrille’s titanium road frame.