Custom Bicycles
News: 28.6 vs. 30 seat collar December 21st, 2009

I’ve had a few customer ask if a  30mm seat collar will work on their 28.6 Seatube. If you own a steel Strong Frame, with the rare exception of some Extralites, the 28.6 Seatube is externally butted and the OD at the top of the Seatube is a 30mm. If you have a frame I built for you and you’re not sure what size collar you need, let me know and I’ll will look it up in your file. If you are sure you have a 28.6 Seatube the 30mm collar will NOT work.

Below is a titanium dirt road frame that we shipped on Thursday. It’s a large frame for a tall rider.

Work for this week is Luke’s touring frame and fork. I’ll start posting images of it tomorrow.