Strong Frames Custom Bicycles



Owner's Gallery: Ty T

Nice work, Carl. Ty Tagami in Atlanta.

Another update: OK, so it’s summer 2012 now, around seven years after I bought this fine frame from Carl. I was just walking it from the shed and marveling at how sweet and timeless it is, and felt compelled to write an update. I upgraded to an aluminum frame for racing five years ago, and then on to carbon last year. But I’ve kept the Strong in riding trim. My employer moved 15 miles away, giving me the perfect excuse to get in 30 miles of training a day (often faster than driving in standstill Atlanta traffic). I moved the Record kit to the race frame, then added some entry level Campy to whatever I had in the shed to build out the Strong as a commuter and winter bike. Note the groovy dynamo hub on the front with German-made Supernova street light and wired tail light. (So cool; who needs batteries?) With strap-on fenders, I can set out regardless of the forecast. It’s heavier now, of course, which is fine for training. It’s also more reassuring than fragile race equipment given the extra 25 pounds of a loaded pack. Some of the group rides intersect my commute, so I jump in, and regularly get comments on my fine-looking, old-school ride. I also use it for our 4-hour Sunday winter epic known as the Airport ride. I can’t imagine retiring this frame voluntarily. Proof that Strong builds to last. Thanks Carl!