Strong Frames Custom Bicycles



Owner's Gallery: Tom R

I wanted essentially a Ti version of my Olde Steel Yeti Pro FRO, updated with longer suspension correction and Carl’s input and ideas.

Carl pulled it off completely.

My girl and I went on our fave ride and it was just amazing. Going “back” to a hardtail was just what I needed to re-kindle my riding passion:

Fit/handling: Felt familiar yet more comfy…we rode 3 hours and I think I think I could have doubled it easily. The bike handled just like all me olde bikes, but Carl lengthed the top tube a bit and brought me a bit more upright. It made a big difference comfort wise but kept the quick handling.

Power: I felt like I had rocket assist! It climbed both steep technical and long smooth climbs and all the power got to the ground! Standing or sitting it was stiff and gave good traction. I used my old skills on any tough parts…which I used anyway on the full suspension bike! I was right…for me, for my size and riding…hardtail is it.

Bumps and ride: Calling it a hardtail is really a misnomer; it translates only the big sharp stuff and the rest is minimal. The faster you go the smoother! At high speed it’s smooth and stable.

Looks/fit/finish: No news here…perfect. Looks mean and clean in the bead blasted finish. The blingy gold headbadge is a great counter to it. Elegant, professional ti welds everywhere…sigh. Not the over the top, knocked over stack of dimes, FTW-style (see who remembers that) welds which I also dig, just beautiful, clean and PRO!

Simple to build..the only thing that was needed was a good scrub of the BB treads and seattube.

Carl…again. YOU DID IT. Exactly as I wanted. As you can see our cat likes it too!

Thank you.
Tom R.