Strong Frames Custom Bicycles



Owner's Gallery: Tom K

What I needed was a bike to fit my 6′ 8″, 260 lb frame.
What I got from Carl was being able to enjoy riding a bike again.
That is no small statement, as any rider would understand.

I decided to have Carl build a complete bike for me since many things like the head tube would be a custom size. You could almost hear the gears churning in Carl’s head as he combined the measurements of the frame along with 29″ wheels, a Rock Shox front fork to accommodate the larger wheels, 180 cm cranks, extra wide Monkey Bars for my broad shoulders, etc.
All this to get for me a bike that fits. And fit it does. For me, that is no small thing! No pun intended.

So not only do I get a bike that fits me, and allows me to enjoy riding. I get a fantastic bike handcrafted by Carl. It is so well made!!! One customer called it “smiff” for smooth yet stiff. I would add to that, responsive. It tracks so straight and true when I’m heading down a street and go hands free for a bit. In corners it seams to be an extension of my body as I lean into a turn. As large as the frame is and being of steel, it?s lighter than my old bike with an aluminum frame.

I’m once again enjoying riding a bike. I know I’ve said this already, but that to me is the most important thing! It frees me to think about heading to the Dakota Lands (Teddy Roosevelt National Park), the Sand Hills area of Nebraska, and other places for some great rides in some beautiful scenery.

Thanks Carl!