Strong Frames Custom Bicycles



Owner's Gallery: Tim J

Hey Carl,

Ok, no second thoughts on this purchase! I put her together Tuesday night, took an hour ride last night to get use to it and make some adjustments. I didn’t get along too well with the SMP seat and as you can see from the pic I swapped to the Fizik which is what I use on my other bike. I just happened to have this black/white seat that a friend dropped off as he didn’t need it. I think it looks great on your bike.

I enjoyed my first ride last night but tonight was the group ride and it was fun! I just had a blast, I told myself to take it easy and stay in the back. Somehow I found myself near the front and even pulled in some sections that I normally hang on for dear life!

It’s such a pleasure to have a bike that just feels right. It’s so nicely balanced, responds quickly, and handles like a dream. I also like the SRAM and had no problem adapting to it. Notice I also have the Speedplay pedals you recommended and I do like them. So, it appears you have another happy customer Carl.

Hopefully I’ll have more pics from the Big Dam 100 ride coming up the 29th. This should be a challenging ride with some good hills.

Best regards,
Tim J.