Strong Frames Custom Bicycles



Owner's Gallery: Scott C

In short, I’d say you nailed it. Yesterday was the virgin ride. It was 13 degrees out with a wind chill of zero….yeeouch! The ground was hard as a rock and as chewed up as I’ve ever seen it because of all the moisture we’ve had this winter. In case you don’t know, our trails are very much like East coast trails. Tight, rocky and covered in roots. And yesterday’s conditions might have just been perfect for putting the new rig to the test.

I was a bit concerned that this bike was going to be harsh when I saw the seat and chain stays. They’re quite a bit beefier than my other bike. Well, it’s anything but. It’s a fine ride for sure. Supple across the rough stuff, tracks like it’s on rails, dissipates the chatter and, most importantly, is up to the task of taking a pounding out of the saddle without flexing like mad. All this and it’s nearly ¾ of a pound lighter than my other custom 29er.

Thanks for the beautiful ride. For people whom have never done custom before, they might not appreciate how great it is to work with a frame builder who does what he says he will do, when he says he will do it. It’s a novel concept in the bike industry. I’m really gonna enjoy and ride the absolute hell out of this bike.