Strong Frames Custom Bicycles



Owner's Gallery: Ron M

Having enjoyed my 3-year old Strong ti bike, “Trigger” I figured it needed a stable mate from the country, one that would enjoy rainy days and rough roads. So Trigger has now been joined by “Silver”, a new steel frame with clearance for fenders or fat gravel road tires. Carl’s “custom blend” for this bike started with True Temper OX platinum top and down tubes, which are especially dent resistant. To those, he added various types of Columbus tubes, and built a nicely curved unicrown fork from Columbus blades.

The finish is the stock silver color, which in person, is a bright and deep silver, much more lustrous than it appears in the pictures. The Spectrum powdercoat is just outstanding. I chose to complement the color with a red King headset and a unique e-richie red Regal saddle.

Carl laid the angles back to 72.5 and gave the bike an 8 cm bottom bracket drop to compensate for tires bigger than the usual 23’s. The result is a very stable bike that still turns easily, and has that nice steel twang to it. We’ve had a cool and rainy fall here on the tundra, and the bike has been a pleasure to ride on those misty days when I don’t want to take out the ti speedster.

Hi-Ho, Silver, Away!