Strong Frames Custom Bicycles



Owner's Gallery: Randy L

I wanted to give you some feedback on my frame purchase from the spring. In short, has turned out great. Very light and not noodly like other steel frames I have ridden. The build was worth the time and investment for me and your attention to detail with dropouts and braize-ons is first rate. The custom mix of tubing seems to work well with my 225 pound weight and the longer crank arm clearance is something I would not be able to find outside of a true cyclocross frame. I built the bike up with an assortment of new old stock 7700-7800 Dura Ace components as finding a modern 180 triple crankset was virtually impossible with the latest trends toward compact doubles (plus I perfer the older look of polished components). Living in Colorado, the triple still has a place on some of our steeper passes if you are toting any gear or are just plain short of air near the summit.