Strong Frames Custom Bicycles



Owner's Gallery: Mitch K

I’ve finally ridden the bike enough to feel good about sending in a report. I can describe my bike with one word. “Awesome” It is everything I had hoped for and more.

The bike fits me to a T. I had gone through a fitting session locally and compared their fit to what you had suggested. Yours felt much better when ridden on the fit cycle. After putting some miles on the bike the fit still feels great.

The ride is just phenomenal. I had never really bought into the “steel is real” bunch. I have to say they are right. This bikes just rolls over the rough roads like they were the smoothest blacktop. However you picked the tube set, you did a great job. It has just the right amount of give, without feeling like a noodle. I’ve owned Ti and Al bikes before and neither rode anywhere like this bike.

Finally. The craftmanship and finish are completely over the top. The attention to detail is amazing. There is not a single weld or miter or drop of paint out of place. I can really tell that you take pride in what you do.

Working with you and Loretta was a pleasure and I consider you both friends. You are both so easy to talk to and completely “get” the customer. I look forward to working with you on another bike in the future.