Strong Frames Custom Bicycles



Owner's Gallery: Michael N

This has been and remains a truly amazing ride. I should admit I was a little put off at first on what I thought was the ?fit.? It didn?t ?feel? right ? but that?s probably because it was perfect and I hadn?t ridden perfect before. I think I even called Carl about it.

Anyhow?very soon, very quickly?I was just simply amazed at how it felt on the trail. What truly blew me away was how smooth it was, especially coming off full suspension bikes. The rear felt like it stuck to the trail better than my Epic. I didn?t miss the suspension at all. It?s smooth. Responsive. It always feels like it stays put in the rough stuff. I have a few bikes, and every time I come back to this, again, I?m just amazed at the feel. Hard to explain. The S-works epic is long gone, I kept some of the parts. This is my main primary ride. Hard to describe ?feel? but it truly is perfect. And none of my component swaps have affected it.