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Owner's Gallery: Michael D – Titanium All-Road bike with Shimano Dura Ace and Enve

Hi Carl,

Bike is going great. I’ve ditched the 35mm compass tires and have replaced them with 28mm Scwalbe Pro-Ones and I’m running them tubeless. It’s a big improvement. The bike felt a bit lethargic with the 35mm tires on, but I’m super happy now that I’ve changed to the Schwalbes. I had so much faith in the 35mm tires, but I think the 100g/wheel weight penalty isn’t worth any rolling resistance or comfort improvements (if any!). I think I’ll save the 35mm tires for gravel grinding!

Thought I’d share a few photos with you. Most of these are from this weekend when I did a 235km ride (Google: peaks challenge 2017). The bike performed fantastically, and I was comfortable throughout.

I’ve had lots of positive comments on the bike… I couldn’t be happier.

Best regards,