Strong Frames Custom Bicycles



Owner's Gallery: Marco C

Initial feedback.

Weight with powertap, pedals, zip404 tubulars one water bottle holder, campy record (10s latest spec) computer. i.e. as I ride it less water bottles/toolkit about 14.5lb.

Fits great. Right out of the box setting seatpost height/setback with some bits of string and my other bike. I dropped the bars a little from my usual setup.

Smooth on rough road. I need to go find some Texas Chipseal but I know it will be good. At least as smooth as my R3 and it is a very smooth frame. Stiffer than the R3 when accelerating perhaps not quite as stiff as the SLC-SL but close and smoother than the R3 so a great combination.

So far so good. The next test is to see what my mates think of it (the most important test :-) )… Marco.