Strong Frames Custom Bicycles



Owner's Gallery: Lyndon C

Thanks to some unseasonably warm weather here in CO the trails have been drying out, and I was able to take the bike out on a couple of shakedown rides.
I could not wipe the grin off my face.
In a word, amazing.  Better in all respects than my previous hardtail.  I was so giddy from the first ride that I just had to go out again the next day to confirm my first impressions.  Yup, just as awesome.
First off, the fit is perfect.  I felt so comfortable when I first swung my leg over that it felt like an old friend.  I really like the new body position on the bike.  It climbs like a billy goat – in fact I set PR’s on two climbs I do often, one of which ascends 450 ft in a half mile.  Considering I’m still in mid-winter form I just can’t believe it.  I guess it helps that the bike built up to just a smidge over 21.5 lbs.
Supremely stable at speed.  This thing RAILS.  Uber-confidence-inspiring on the downhills and the handling is just telepathic.  And in spite of that, it feels more nimble in switchbacks than my previous bike!  I expected the downhill performance due to the slacker HA and longer wheelbase, but I can’t figure out how on top of that it can feel more agile.
The ride is very very comfortable, this bike does not beat you up at all.  So smooooooth.  While it’s comfortable, putting the power down the BB feels stiff and does not rob you of power.  It’s definitely my race bike but it will easily be my favorite for all-day rides too, it feels that good.
I had high expectations, but I am blown away.  Thank You.