Strong Frames Custom Bicycles



Owner's Gallery: Larry C

I was on it for about an hour and a half this morning. I am so glad we did this bike. It’s really the best of all worlds. I rode throught the city, then on and off a paved and crushed limestone path.

First, the handling is spot on. It is super quick and highly manueverable. Even with 1.5″ tires it is super quick from a dead stop. The carbon wheels help, but the stiffness and shortish wheel base for the kind of bike it is makes the difference. We have no real climbs here, be a lot of short steep bridge inclines over main thoroughfares, the river, etc. It accelerated over those better than my road bike that’s a few pounds lighter. I can tell it will climb well and enjoyably, which is great for my travel.

It’s as stiff, compliant and smooth as any bike I’ve been on. It rides like my crown jewel, but more solid. I love the beefy chainstays. They add considerably to the rock solid feel of the bike. I was keeping up with moderate roadies with no problem, and could go places they wouldn’t be able. It is exactly what I will need for the places I will be going.

There is a path that starts in the northern Chicago burbs and goes to Wisconsin. I’m gonna get on it before the snow.

I’m glad we went with disc only. It cleans the bike up, and the braking is great. Won’t have to worry about rain with the carbon rims.

The only downside is I like it too much to ride in our winters. Too much salt on the roads. That’s what my other bikes are for.

Please don’t discard the drawing. The geometry is perfect for me. Fits like a glove. If anything bad happens, I will want another.

This is now my favorite bike of all time.

Thank you so much,