Strong Frames Custom Bicycles



Owner's Gallery: Larry A

Extraordinary balance makes this a unique ride. Carl Strong built a Ti road racing frame to spec for me. I choose Strong based on reputation. I choose Ti because the metals mechanical properties suit my racing style. This frame is exactly what I asked for. This is the highest compliment that I can pay Carl. I had some very particular requests and they turned out exactly right. I did not want an integral headset nor carbon stays. Carl had very good communication. I had the fitting done at my LBS (Two Wheel Transit, Spokane). Carl then designed the frame after we discussed the usage and goals. I was given an approximate build date. At the build date Carl emailed pictures during construction and after construction. Carl also sent pictures after painting but prior to shipping for confirmation. When I received the frame it was extraordinarily well packed. The welds are outstanding, and drew compliments from our welders at work who deal in exotic materials occasionally. The enclosed customer package was nice and appreciated. Love the certificate. The paint is much better in person and it is an excellent paint job. I rode approx a 2200 miles prior to writing the review, including a few races, and four over 100 miles. This frame is it! The frame is an 8/10 in stiffness, it has to be able to go all day and not beat the stuffing out of the rider, but be thrashed in the short events. It sprints well and the BB is very stiff. The cornering is spot on, quick but neutral, exactly what you want in a racing bike. Climbing is a joy, no wagging of the tail, no disconnected feeling in the front. The most notable feature is the balance. Because this frame fits, the balance allows me to do about anything and keep the center of gravity in the proper spot. I followed Carl’s recommendations on seatpost type and stem length and this probably contributed to the balance. In conclusion I received outstanding service from Strong Frames and a frame that was constructed exactly as I asked. This is a great value and I would definitely purchase another frame from Carl. Maybe a nice Al crit frame…… Component items to note: I am using the Thomson X-4 Mountain bike stem and Deda Newton Italian curve (shallow drop) bars. This combination is very solid without being harsh. I did not go with the Thomson X-2 stem because of an allergy I developed in 1974 for two bolt designs after being dumped on my face when the bottom bolt broke. The X-4 also came in 0 degree rise, the positive rise stems look yucky to me. I have used carbon bars on Newton stems and find them uncomfortable because they are so stiff. This combination works great for me. The seatpost is the Thomson Masterpiece.