Strong Frames Custom Bicycles



Owner's Gallery: Jerome L

Long time no speak, hope you’re doing well. Better late than never, here’s a picture of my two favorite things (in matching outfits no less)! Phoebe’s nearly 6 months old, very sweet and pretty like her mother, cranky and stubborn like me. She’s really a ton of fun, even if she cuts deeply into riding time. Still I’ve put a few thousand miles on my Strong frame, and love it.

I didn’t manage to race this summer with the baby coming in June, but did a bunch of road training, club riding, commuting and centuries. It’s great feeling like you have the right tool for every job. I always felt comfortable, but in tight control on my Strong frame, sprinting, cruising, descending/climbing, even trying to get my wheel back under me after slipping on a wet manhole cover! The fit is great, and I’ve realized the difference between simply being accustomed to something and having it actually fit you.

Thanks again for the frame, and the process. For a first time custom buyer, there’s the fear that you’ll spend all this money without getting what you really want. But if you went in imagining exactly what you’d want, it’d be what you provide: experienced, knowledgeable, careful, patient, professional and no ego or attitude.