Strong Frames Custom Bicycles



Owner's Gallery: Jay M

An unseen crack in my carbon fork caused it to fail on a steep assent sending me face first into the pavement. Luckily, I was not on a descent, or it could have been much worse. When I got up off the ground, my 9 year old, steel Strong had taken the full brunt of the impact at the base of the head tube, leaving a small dent. The rest of the frame looked to be fine. Soon after, I was in a full blown depression. My bike and I have been through a lot, countless weekend rides, century rides throughout the Southeast and two RAGBRI?s. My wife will tell you, I love my bike.

The bike shop said that they had missed seeing the crack in the fork and agreed to pay for any repairs. I?m feeling a little bit better at this point. Carl Strong was contacted and didn?t hesitate to repair the bike ? depression all gone. Carl made the repair to straighten-out the head tube, but being a true perfectionist?and I love my bike? he was not happy with the outcome, so the head tube, top tube, and down tube were replaced. Let the fun begin- Paint! The bike was sent on to Spectrum Powder Works and I searched in an aimless, girl-like trance for unique frame and decal colors other than the typical blues, reds and blacks. The awesome people at Spectrum convinced me that my first color choice (A muddy-taupe with a greenish taupe decal) was definitely what I wanted.

Four months after the crash I had my old /brand new bike back and I could not be more pleased with the outcome. Carl is a true professional at what he does and I am proud to say that I own a piece of his handiwork and I can honestly say, having a custom bike built by him was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Thanks again Carl.

Jay Miller
Winter Park, Florida