Strong Frames Custom Bicycles



Owner's Gallery: Eric W, China

“Been dreaming about getting a custom road bike for years and finally took the plunge in July 2009. I went through a few builders and Carl was chosen based on his expertise with Ti and steel.

The bike was finally build up in Feb 2010 but because it’s still freezing here in Shanghai at that time, i did not put any miles on it. Spring broke in mid March with sunny skies, i took the bike out for a proper test ride and am very satisfied with it. “Fast Judy” did exactly as Carl promised and the frame is legendary “Strong” performance (pun intended)! The frame tracked like as if it was on rails and the rear is rock solid with no lateral flex, yet the ride is silky smooth.

Thanks Carl for the awesome bike! :)

p.s: For all you curious riders, the carbon clincher wheels are my LBS’s own brand… so far so good.”